Monday, November 9, 2009

Making up for lost time

so it's been hectic in Nastyland lately: here's an attempt to make up for lost time

first off here's the homie Alexander Spit's "Beat from the Street Remixes"
cop that shit dunny!!! this guys definitely one of SF's top MC's...dude tore me up when i saw him after lazer sword played at the puma store earlier this year
also the homies broken figures drop a nice one on this so check it out

Secondly here's a HUUUUUGE mix courtesy of dummy mag from my across the pond homie and all around decent chap: Slugabed

Thirdly we got a Beat tape/zip from one of my homies and a personal favorite bay area Beatmaker Benito

aaaand lastly but most certainly not leastly
THE ART OF MELTING FACES...the homies Ben SoWhat and Buddy Leezle drop a mixtape complete with lazer raps and remixes the name indicates it's very very melty...pop it in the headphones and ride out.

p.s. come to mighty this thursday to catch myself along with machinedrum, sleepyhead, bogl vs. dials and a bunch more
$7 presale -SOLD OUT
$10 rsvp thru ^^^
$15 at the door for all you ballers

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