Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Bass in Little China(town)

Tomorrow night sf get hit with awesome power of:

so the shit you can't read over on the right goes something like this:
LL (lazersword)
Dnae Beats (facemelt)
Quitter (awesome)

with sound selectahs:
Bogl vs. Dials

pretty much all my favorites from around the bay..
call it all stars night.
big sandoval and i are ready to drop some brand new quitter on you,
stuff y'all have definitely not heard yet so bring dancing shoes.

here have a remix too....freeloader

Friday, May 22, 2009

NTRLD & THURGOOD -> Lady Gaga Remix

had the pleasure of meeting these fine young gents at the MAH event earlier this year.
nice guys, more importantly they make some bass that'll loosen up your bowels good.
celebrating the release of their double drop vinyl I'm sliding you guys one of the illest freebies on the filth blog yet: a remix of lady gaga's "just dance" collabing with Thurgood

grab the remix and blap it out in the clubs kids
tell your friends, fuck it tell your mom
and peep their myspace here


Monday, May 18, 2009

Asonic Garcia - Senzu Beans

hell yeah
caught this guy up at holy thursday opening for meaty ogre and egadz
definitely put an early arc in my night
anyhow i downloaded his e.p. last night and it's great
dare i say flying lot-esque?
you decide for yourself
here's a track:

and here's the e.p. (fucking free hell yeah)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free Nasty!

holy good god i love the weather in california
mid-may and it's straight up hot outside
in the spirit of sunshine, fun, girls in daisy dukes and renegade season I'm dropping some sweet 320's on you guys to blast out of your trunks/i-pods/soundsystems

in other news this is coming this summer:

quitter finally gets off our asses and drops a big fat free mix on y'all including brand new quitter jams, favorite Ben Sandoval and NastyNasty songs along with tracks from our respective projects and guest vocals from....well we won't spoil the surprise just yet but a few of the bays finest mic rippers will be dropping original verses

fucking bawsss
enjoy the weather folks

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

slugga slugga pt. 2 : The Download

this remix is major
Big Slugabed drops bombs on La Roux's "in for The Kill"
so melty melty

bump it, grab it, blast it in the club/car/home-theater/ringtone/whatevs

Friday, May 8, 2009


bawss bawss bawss
nice collaboration between veteran bassbin pusher robot koch and cerebral vortex (1/2 the titanic duo 215:TFK)
robot definitely brings the wamp-factor in this flagship release from his brand new label robots don't sleep

grab the entire thing from junodownload here

Monday, May 4, 2009


Yo here's a Texas posse cut with basically every rapper from Big D takin us to swag school. It's been around for a minute but still burns my brains off. Not sure who's on production but does it really matter? The rumbling 808's and the "Ohohohohoh" background is INSANITY and basically makes me wanna switch lanes with the paint drippin, or at least the walking pedestrian's equivalent. Track abruptly ends cuz it's G like that. Peep some myspaces or whatever.

The Entire State of Texas (Fat Bastard, Big Tuck, Paul Wall, Trae the Truth, Slim Thug, etc) - Not a Stain On Me