Monday, April 27, 2009


Slugabed made your next favorite banger
dude dropped a pack of heaters on me that dominated my home speakers for weeks yo
fucking heavy ass drums that punch your neck and straight up nasty funked out synth bass.
toss in a slick sample selection and choice cuts
anyhow enough yappin
click on the slugabed and peep dudes myspace
grab the boomkat shit here
straight nanners

Sunday, April 19, 2009

run pc vsts on your macbook?!?!?! + tweakbench

so i run a pc...but i though this might tickle some folks fancy being that it's still in beta and thusly it's FUCKING FREE!

here's the link

note: i haven't tried it and take no responsibility for bluescreening your macbook
also looks kind of tricky to install but should it work you can probably run the following portion of this post:


this shit is mighty
step sequenced effects
2 badass 8-bit soundfont synths loaded with og nintendo soundfonts

seriously check it out


Friday, April 17, 2009

Dials & Bogl are Hotpocket Dj's

big big dubstep mix from a pair of San Francisco's finest dj's
Dj's Bogl & Dials will hunt down the finest tracks the internet has to offer and strong arm you via gchat if given the opportunity, this mix is fire and i can't wait to wreck shop along with these guys tonight. mayhem in the mission, flyer below in a few posts

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loon & Mus$ck -> Designer Drug e.p.

Who wants a free e.p. from some talented dudes?
heck yes you do, and here it is.

this collaboration lays down some beautiful....glitch-hop????
a nice blend of smooth sampling and synth arpeggios with hi-fidelity drum sounds
lots of little twiddles and drags to keep the brain stretching...this would probably be a good listen on some designer drugs (2cb ftw)
digital heartbreak is definitely my fave so far...pleasant vocal sampling and tasty chords with snare drags all over the place...

respective linkage
Loon & Mus$ck


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So here it is, Filth
A blog about stuff...
mostly bass related nonsense (links, mp3's, shows and whatnot), shameless self promotion, cheeseburgers and/or bacon, cool ass shit (shoes, robots that do your laundry etc..), and more bass related nonsense.

for now here's some bass related nonsense(I'm gonna start calling it BRN from here on out) as wel as some good old ssp:

garunteed more bass than any other club in sf that night
also celebrating 26 years of nastiness that night so come buy me a cranberry juice or something