Monday, August 17, 2009


i heard the janet jackson remix this dude did last winter and it just about ripped my skull dudes got a big fat digi-e.p. out and i'd like to give him a little shine in the filth. If you aren't already familiar with Hovatron he's one of those mofomatronix/goldzilla cats(with partner Lunice)that runs around montreal causing havok in the form of Super Aqua Club and Turbo Crunk parties. Young Phil's gotta flare for the wilin' out arps and sidechain synths as well as taking time outta his day to man the manybrain blog(look right)with some international help....

anyhow in filth tradition: here's Gypsy Trader...this shit is like halloween gone hyphy

go check his myspace for details on how to cop the full 9 track ish and goet on with your bad self

Monday, August 10, 2009


more awesomeness, yes plz.
Young Sleepyhead's been making heads around the bay spin for a quick minute now. Seen this guy play a few times now and the consensus around the dancefloor seems to be "who is this guy?!?!?!".
Well We here @ filth know who he is and are happy to drop some fresh heat from our new bay area blap-step buddy

first off here's an "unfinished" t-pain remix (sounds pretty fuggin done to me!)

*this is where dirty diamonds used to be...the heads got it*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


y'know in a world of blog tracks, singles and pop-remixes albums like this are hard to come by...then again bay area producer Salva isn't your average dude. unless you lived under a rock last year you probably heard the track american grime rip through some speakers somewhere or mebbe in a mary anne hobbs mix or 2... well the album is out now on Fite Nite, available at all major digital distributors and it's fucking ILL...
it's like a collage of newschool club shit glitched the fuck out...i really can't find the words to properly describe it so here's a track
enjoy trapppt in all 40 seconds or so of it's unbridled badassery

and seriously...go buy this album...this is music you can actually just listen to and be rewarded for dancing necessary