Monday, September 28, 2009


i gotta stop starting all my posts with a string of yo's... it just feels so apropriate... anyhow by now you've hopefully heard or at least heard of Lunice. he's one of them TurboCrunk /Super Aqua Club dudes bringing the major heat outta Montrreal. anyhow blah blah blah kids awesome no questions...dropped major fire on us when quitter played with the whole t-crunk posse in january

aaaaaand because this blog is what it is and i know all you bastards want is free music with as little chatter as possible here's a metric fuckload from the man himself :


Saturday, September 19, 2009


YOYOYOYOY so I've Been Slacking...will get this blog back on the road soon but until then i wanted to share this track...for those of you who didn't grab it off the fader this track bangs... Drake and Nipsey both kill the verses and I'm totally gay for this beat.... hope y'all enjoy