Monday, August 17, 2009


i heard the janet jackson remix this dude did last winter and it just about ripped my skull dudes got a big fat digi-e.p. out and i'd like to give him a little shine in the filth. If you aren't already familiar with Hovatron he's one of those mofomatronix/goldzilla cats(with partner Lunice)that runs around montreal causing havok in the form of Super Aqua Club and Turbo Crunk parties. Young Phil's gotta flare for the wilin' out arps and sidechain synths as well as taking time outta his day to man the manybrain blog(look right)with some international help....

anyhow in filth tradition: here's Gypsy Trader...this shit is like halloween gone hyphy

go check his myspace for details on how to cop the full 9 track ish and goet on with your bad self

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